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As American as Apple Pie, Kiev, and Rock n’ Roll

I have walked down two flights of stairs under Kiev’s city center and past a giant bouncer into what used to be a Soviet-era nuclear fallout bunker. 

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Coming Home

“So, why the Orthodox Church”? 

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Going postal

Having recently retired and made the transition from big city grind to clean country living, it quickly became pretty clear that, although I loved the bucolic peace and quiet, my laconic but wonderful neighbors, and the more relaxed pace, there … Continue reading

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Death March: This is a Vacation?

I am desperately clinging to the face of a rock wall 300 vertical feet above the Grand Canyon, and I am in mortal fear for my life.  I have reached this point after climbing, in kiln-like temperatures, up a tumble … Continue reading

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A Boomer’s Guide to Retirement

So, here we are, up on “The Mountain”, free at last from the burden of a 40 plus hour work week and that long skinny parking lot known as I-4, up where the air is clear, the birds are singing, … Continue reading

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10 Things I didn’t know about Kiev

OK, everybody knows what Kiev is famous for, right?  What…no?  Well, let me help you.  For food, think delicious borscht (a meaty soup), yummy veriniki  (dumplings) and chicken Kiev.  For architecture, think heavenly golden onion domes piercing a robin’s egg … Continue reading

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Night Train From Lviv

It’s almost midnight and I’m hurtling through the darkness somewhere in western Galicia (east of Budapest, north of Transylvania) by rail.  I started my journey in Lviv’s magnificent station 9 hours ago but it feels like I’ve been on a … Continue reading

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