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Top Ten things you should know about Panama

Ships entering the Canal must pay in cash (wire transfer) for passage in advance.  The only exception to this rule was when the canal was swum by American adventurer Richard Halliburton, who was charged only 36 cents at the end of … Continue reading

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Bugging out to Boquete

   Today I am going to Boquete, Panama. It’s a small city (pop. 19,000) about three quarters of a mile up a narrow river valley in the shadow of the (now dormant) Volcan Baru’ near the border with Costa Rica. 

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‘Thar She Blows!’

I am sitting in a dinghy watching a Humpback Whale gracefully pirouette out of the water, then crash down with a dull thunderclap so powerful that it turns the water to mist. 

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Spearfishing off Isla Iguana

    I am free diving about 15 feet under the warm Pacific waters of Isla Iguana (named after the iridescent green reptiles that are so ubiquitous in the area) when I spot them:  a school of Angel fish with … Continue reading

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Pedasi Real Estate

    The first question you might ask when wondering about Pedasi real estate is, where in the hell is Pedasi?  Glad you asked!

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The Panama Canal

  My initial plan coming to Panama was not to see the Panama Canal.  After all, it’s just a big ditch, right?  Wrong.  Missing out on this sight means missing out on Panama altogether.  This engineering marvel is so inextricably … Continue reading

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Panama Real Estate

OK, today I am going to see some condos in downtown Panama City.  There should be a lot of them, because all I can see from my hotel is a veritable forest of gleaming steel and glass spires towering over … Continue reading

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