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10 ways to avoid street people: Third-world travel tips

It’s 8 in the morning in Santo Domingo and I’m leaving my hotel to grab a cup of some superlative Dominican Republic coffee. I don’t make it 10 yards before a dirtbag attaches himself to me like a human remora. … Continue reading

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Got Wine? Blue Bay Restaurants

 “I’d like a bottle of your Argentine Chardonnay” “Yes, sir. I’ll be right back.” In 5 minutes, my waiter returns with a Sauvignon Blanc. “Senor, that is not what I ordered.” “It is the same thing. They are both white.”

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Blue Bay Blues

I am watching an old guy strutting around the stage wearing a leopard-print loincloth while twirling some torches over the painted body of a nubile babe in as menacing a fashion as he can muster. In the shadows, more sweating … Continue reading

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Damajaqua Falls

Damajaqua Cascades-the last stunt for “Poppy”   “Go for it, Poppy! Just put your hand in the hole and climb up!” It’s bad enough that my Dominican Republic guides, who say they have adopted me as family, have chosen to … Continue reading

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All-Inclusive Insanity: The Blue Bay Resort

 “How much did those cost”? The woman, about twenty-five, is pointing at a set of trophy breasts that Suzie, another young, yet somehow supple and immodest girl, is sporting at the swim-up pool bar.

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