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Mawamba Lodge-The Lost World

I am motoring through a jungle river on my way to the Mawamba Lodge. Suddenly, the guide points to a green lizard on a lily pad. “That’s a Jesus Christ Lizard”, she says. We soon see why.

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Costa Rica

There are few worse feelings in the world than being in a foreign airport waiting for a transfer that never materializes, especially when the sky is actually falling, it seems, in a great Niagara of water, and you’re trying to … Continue reading

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Balance is beautiful

I’m conflicted about this place. On the one hand, they have stunning landscaping, modern but handsome buildings, and good food and drink located on some absolutely fantastic beaches.  On the other, you could buy yourself better food and booze cheaper … Continue reading

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Breathless, too

She was maybe 20, 25 tops, and wore a long red dress. Her blonde curly locks shone bright under the stage lights and fell about her shoulders like a golden mantle. She moved like a ballerina, with purpose and grace, … Continue reading

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I am trying to talk to 2 Swiss women on the beach at the Breathless Resort in Punta Cana when, as if by some secret Babe Cue, they both unsnap there bikinis simultaneously and remove their tops without a care … Continue reading

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Santo Domingo Casinos

The good news about these casinos is that you can place a minimum bet of about $2.50 if you want to. The bad news is that you get what you pay for.

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Trikkeing Santo Domingo

I’m Trikkeing along the streets of the Zona Colonia in Santo Domingo when my tour guide comes to a stop. “That is the Catedral de Santa Maria de Menor, the oldest church in the New World of Christopher Columbus.”

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