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Paying Bribes in the Third World-or, how not to spend your day in Santo Domingo

I am sitting in my rental car on an obscure side street in Santo Domingo while a member of the Dominican Republic’s finest fleeces me for $60.  This is way more than I’m used to having to pay for a … Continue reading

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Costa Rica Vacation Itineraries – One, Two, or Three week – Pura Vida!

Costa Rica (map here) is a popular tourist destination because it offers jaw-dropping scenery, exotic flora and fauna, a variety of accommodations to fit all budgets, and English-speaking locals who are among the friendliest people in all of Central America.

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The Dominican Republic – How to choose the best beach for your vacation

So, you’re coming to the Dominican Republic for a beach vacation, and you are wondering how to pick the right place. Most likely, you’re considering an all-inclusive resort, and those are indeed a great choice for a hassle-free vacation! But … Continue reading

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Piriapolis Expats

  “Did you know that the idea of a round planet was really a conspiracy between Copernicus and the church? After all, they’ve lied to us before…” This is spoken by Jack, one of a group of expats in Piriapolis … Continue reading

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Of Dirigibles and Gothic Towers

There was a time, back when we thought wars were gone forever, when we made magnificent buildings, automobiles, and flying machines. Bridges of stunning grace spanned our waterways for the first time. Finely crafted cars were prized more for their … Continue reading

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Doing Asuncion

Most people, when you mention travel to South America, think of Rio or Buenos Aires…maybe Cartagena or even Machu Picchu…but, how many of you could locate Asuncion on a map?

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Harriet’s Secret-Movie Review

If you’ve ever walked away from a movie, as I have, forgetting the entire premise and even the name of the damned thing even before you got home, then you always treasure those rare cinematic jewels that keep you talking … Continue reading

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